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The Palmer School of Chiropractic is one of the first schools to teach chiropractic care and is the largest today. Dr. Fochesato and Dr. Brown are both graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic and utilize the core techniques that have set the standard for chiropractic treatment.

Techniques created by The Palmer Family

Originally developed by D.D. Palmer, who believed that vertebral subluxation was the source of all illness, the original Palmer Technique focused on the upper cervical region and was known for its effectiveness and strong philosophical basis. Today, this technique has been updated to reflect the latest in scientific research and trends in clinical practice in order to best serve you and the modern chiropractor.


These techniques include full spine and extremity (limb) treatments and focus on the function of your nervous system. By restoring the normal function of your nervous system, which is the master control system of your body, chiropractic care uses your body’s own natural ability to heal itself. This is accomplished without the use of drugs or surgery if at all possible

A variety of treatments

Our treatments are performed by hand, but we also utilize different types of instrumentation such as an activator device or drop table.


The exact type of treatment is specifically designed for you and is determined by the doctor’s clinical judgement as well as your preference.


As a practice philosophy, we always want to make sure that we are providing the most appropriate treatment for you.


Beyond our progressive and comprehensive medical approch we also have a friendly, warm and knowlegable staff that is here to help.  They are specially trained to manage every form of insurance, personal injury and labor & industries claims.

X-rays and diagnostics

Diagnostic x-rays are used in the chiropractic profession and are extremely valuable in ensuring the proper diagnosis and treatment for a patient.


We are pleased to offer a complete in-house state of the art x-ray suite for the convienience of out patients.


Spine diagnostic tests and x-rays often reveal evidence of:

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Experienced Chiropractic Care

  • Nerve irritation

  • Compression fractures

  • Degenerative joint disease

  • Misalignment and subluxation

  • Osteoporosis

  • A host of other challenges

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